Yankum – Soft Shackle




5/16″ Diameter – Red Sleeve
MBS: 37,100 lbs
WLL: FOS 3 = 12,400
FOS 4 = 9,275
FOS 5 = 7,420

Time to take the metal out of your Recovery Gear. Soft Shackles are as strong as steel with real beneficial advantages.
Typically, in recovery, there’s a metal D-Shackle (aka Clevis, Bow Shackle, thingumajig, tow point or whatever you call it in your local dialect) that you can attach your recovery rope to. Those suckers are heavy and are usually multiple pieces that get dropped in the mud. Who likes muddy metal parts when you’re in need of Recovery?

Yea, not us, so stop fooling’ around and switch to a soft, light, single piece tow point made of synthetic fiber with an attractive sleeve in the color of your choice. Finally, you can match your rig!