4xe stock high center in snow

4xe stock high center in snow

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, at 8:20 a.m. (PT), we received a request for help with an offroad recovery in Washington. The requester, Mecit Gungor, submitted the following information: “My jeep wrangler 4xe got stuck on NF60 by the intersection between NF240 and Carson Guler Road. It’s stuck on snow and it’s 1 mile away from Goose Lake Campyground. I took the road from Troutlake towards Carson and it’s usually paved. I got onto NF60 and there’s about 7-8 miles unpaved road with patholes. It’s usually fine to drive there. I’m back to Portland but can come by vehicle or can go with anyone driving from the neighborhood. / I’m not with the vehicle.”

We contacted Mercit right back and tried to figure out what made more sense. He needed a ride to his vehicle, but his car was stuck about 70 miles from Portland. So in this case, since Mercit was only 5 miles from home, we decided to take care of the recovery ourselves with Myrian.

We opened the request, and once we saw David looking over the request as an admin, we let him know the plan, just in case we needed extra help.

We took my Jeep, and the three of us rode together up to Carson on Hwy 84. We took the Bridge of the Gods, crossed over to WA, and from there decided to take the shorter road to where his Jeep was stuck, coming up straight from Carson instead of from the back the way he went.

We knew the front road we took was covered in snow. But it was the quicker way up, and since we had some limited time to execute the recovery, we went for it.

As soon as we hit the rocky trail, we deflated to 12 psi and kept going; soon after, we came across the first patches of snow; by then, we were just one or two miles from the vehicle based on our GPS location.

The road got a bit worse, icy and pretty slippery; I kept the Jeep driving near the bank so I could help find traction on the side of the road, and in a few minutes, we made it to the 4xe.

We connected the Yankum Kinetic Rope, and just one pull got him out. From there, we inflated his Jeep’s tires and mine and came down the long way from the back since he wouldn’t make it the same way I came on my Jeep.

We made a quick video, which you can see below. Mercit was a great kid, and we were very happy to have the opportunity to help him. (offroad recovery in Washington)

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