Latest Recoveries

Latest Recoveries

We have had quite a few recoveries requests lately, and we are happing to start helping in multiple states with local organizations. We received requests from southern and northern California, Alabama, Virginia, Oregon, and Nevada.

Here are some photos of the recoveries. We continued to grow our presence in all states and had a great time working with every group helping us with the recoveries! We don’t have photos for all the recoveries, we just share what we have.

This winter will be busy for us, and we are getting ready to assist all those in need. Knowing we help those people makes our efforts worth every hour we put in this project.

Special thanks in all these requests to the following organizations who helped in the recoveries: Alabama 4×4 Rescue, SoCal Off Road Recovery ( SCOR+ ), California 4×4 Rescue, NorCal 4×4 Rescue, Virginia 4×4 Rescue, Norcal 4×4 Offroad Recovery and Oregon 4×4 Rescue and Recovery.

We also want to thank our sponsors Warn Industries and 4 Wheel Parts, without them this wouldn’t be possible.

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