Van stuck in a rain drain

Van stuck in a rain drain

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023, at 12:20 p.m. (PT), we received a request for help with an offroad recovery near Williams Hill Campground, California. The requester, Niklas Ramspott, submitted the following information: “Hi, this is Niklas. I took the wrong left behind at the Williams Hill Campground, and now the car is stuck in a rain drain. I would guess it needs a 4×4 tow to back it up. I cannot provide photos since it’s not loading… It’s a Honda Odyssey 2015.
The dirt road to this spot is totally 2×4 doable! But not the drain I tried…I will stay in the area with phone service to wait for your call for 30 minutes. Thank you so much for helping, Niklas / I’m with the vehicle”.

California 4x4 rescue
Photo submitted by Niklas

We contacted Niklas right away and shared the request with local volunteers. Unfortunately, in this area, we had a very scarce volunteer presence. So, we expanded the search to an area of 50 miles radius.

From the few volunteers contacted, we got David Chenault, who was 50 miles away and willing to go. He marked himself as engaging and contacted Niklas.

After David talked to Niklas, and since David was more than one hour away from him, Niklas tried to find help in the nearby campground. He found a person who helped him get the vehicle out.

We still want to thank David, who was willing to travel the distance to help a stranger in need—an awesome demonstration of voluntarism with this offroad recovery near Williams Hill Campground, California.

We need more volunteers in this area!

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