Recovery for Miranda

Recovery for Miranda

February 5, 2024, by Rick Cooper (Administrator for Arizona)

Recovery for Miranda, Toyota 4Runner NW of Lake Pleasant – Arizona 4×4 Recovery

At 7:30pm I noticed a post by John Scott who is an administrator for the Offroad Recovery Portal (Arizona), and Arizona 4×4 Recovery.

I contacted John and told him that my son and I can respond within a few minutes. We’re only about an hour away from Miranda’s location. John kept progress updates on Facebook as the night passed. 

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I contacted Miranda and talked to her about her situation. She informed me that she had one wheel up in the air and another down in the drainage and needed a winch to get her out. I’m not much for doing this with a single vehicle unless there’s no other option. My son came along with me in his Jeep to assist if needed. We arrived at Miranda’s location at 9:20pm. Once able to look over what needed to be done and what approach to take I decided that I needed to climb my jeep up onto the top of a close by ridge. I ran a block and tackle to her 4Runner and slowly pulled the rear of the truck back onto the trail then a little more to get her front tires back onto solid ground. She was afraid of her rig rolling before it was back on nearly level ground. A little bit of jockeying she had her rig on all fours and able to drive back down the trail.

It was a simple recovery and went smoothly. A couple of pictures are included here.

We returned home someplace around 12:30am. Was fantastic being able to get out and assist someone after nearly a year away dealing with health issues.

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