Ford stuck in backyard’s mud in Texas

Ford stuck in backyard’s mud in Texas

Friday, December 08, 2023, at 3:01 p.m. (CT), we received a request for help from Texas. The requester David Sandifer, submitted the following information: “Stuck my truck in sand on my property. (1537 Roanoke Road, Keller, TX). Tried to call a wrecker but they were too heavy and sank in the sandy loam and were not able to get to the vehicle as it is a couple hundred yards off the driveway. I tried to lift the tail with a farm jack and put rocks under the tires but still can’t get traction and now it has sunk even deeper. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I had to stop working on it to attend a funeral but will be back with the vehicle by 4:30 pm local time if anybody is in the area that can help! / I’m not with the vehicle“.

We contacted David right away and confirmed the location and details of the request. He added a few photos and with all that we started looking for volunteers.

By 3:28 p.m. we got a volunteer, Daniel Matthews, coming from Halton City. By 4:22 p.m., Daniel got David out and later sent us the following note: “His land that he had was really Sandy and he had a big truck four-door 4 x 4 and he was on a hill and when he tried to get out it just all sand and he buried the back really far but it was all right the wrecker that he ordered couldn’t even get back there so he left so I just drove my little jeep on the Sanden hooked up a Yankam rope and yanked them out so everything was OK. I only got two pictures. I forgot to take the first pictures out but we’ll try next time.

We appreciate Daniel’s help, notes, and photos. Awesome job.

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