Welcome On Board!

Thanks for helping create the biggest network of Offroad volunteers in the US.

Thanks to volunteers like you, we are proud to offer free offroad recoveries in all 50 states...

Offroad Portal’s volunteers are the backbone of our community, working tirelessly to assist in recovery missions. Now you are one of us. Thank you for joining, and welcome aboard.

Your first task is to make sure your profile is complete… include your vehicle and recovery gear, your state, county, and specially your zip code by visiting this link: members.offroadportal.org

Our community is expanding nationwide, with varying levels of awareness about our services. While some regions are well-acquainted with what we offer, others may be less familiar. Depending on your location, you could start receiving requests in the coming days or weeks. Help us reach more people by sharing our recovery address, ensuring that others know how to submit a request: offroadportal.org/recovery

In the interim, we encourage you to become a part of our Facebook Volunteers group. This platform serves as a space where you can pose any inquiries regarding our system or propose innovative features. It’s also an excellent opportunity to share your location and introduce yourself to fellow members. We look forward to fostering a vibrant and collaborative community within the group.

100% of the proceeds from sales go toward paying for our web servers, app servers, and text message services for each recovery performed.

Notes about recoveries

If a recovery effort is required in your vicinity, our initial outreach will involve sending text messages to potential volunteers within a 20 to 30-mile radius of the incident. However, in instances where there are no local volunteers available, particularly in remote or sparsely populated areas, we will broaden our reach to include individuals residing 75, 100, or even 150 miles away.

It’s important to note that if you receive a text message inviting you to participate, it is intended for you, even if you happen to be outside the initial radius. We have experienced situations where dedicated volunteers traveled significant distances, with some driving 250 miles or more. While such instances are rare and extreme, they underscore the commitment and exceptional efforts of our volunteers when the need arises.

In such situations, our intention is not to imply that everyone should necessarily make the extensive journey, although some individuals may be comfortable with doing so. Instead, we aim to activate a “network” of volunteers and inquire if they are acquainted with someone closer to the location in need. Every contribution counts, even if it’s just sharing the request within your network.


This is our LOBBY, where volunteers get together to coordinate a recovery

When deciding to help with a recovery, unless you have plenty of experience, try to work in tandem with another volunteer. In our Lobby, you can leave a note about your intentions to help, you can ask for a partner, and you can decide to mark yourself as viewing, standing by or engaging. Once you mark yourself as engaging you will get access to the contact information of the requester. You will need to contact the requester yourself to coordinate the recovery efforts.

Please always keep us informed. If you are participating in the recovery, try to take some photos. Video helps too. After the recovery is completed, you can submit an email to info@offroadportal.org with the information. If we don’t receive anything, we will send you a reminder to your email.

Finally, we need to spread the word. Your next task is to help us grow in your area

Please make sure to share in your social media platform a link to our website or facebook page and also a link to submit recoveries: offroadportal.org/recovery. Please share with friends, or if you already have a local recovery group, share with your members this link: offroadportal.org/signup so they can also become volunteers.


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100% of the proceeds from sales go toward paying for our web servers, app servers and text message services for our recoveries.

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