Winner of the Yankum Kinetic Rope in AZ

Winner of the Yankum Kinetic Rope in AZ

This past weekend, we attended the first Meet-n-Greet in AZ, Organized by RC, the administrator for this state. He managed to find a place to have this event, at Bumble Bee Ranch, which was a great place located at the heart of the vast majority of trails in the area. We also had a few prizes to give away, and one in particular was the Yankum Kinetic Rope and Soft Shackles.

Arriving at the Bumble Bee Ranch with Myrian
Myrian and I, arriving at the Bumble Bee Ranch on Friday

We will have a video and some photos soon, but in this article, I just want to share the photo of the winner of the Yankum Rope 7/8 Python 30′ and the two soft Shackles. The winner is a very active volunteer named Josh C. He didn’t have a Kinetic rope or soft shackles yet and was very excited to get one, especially one of this caliber a Yankum Kinetic Rope.

Yankum Kinetic Rope
Josh is showing off his brand new set of Yankum recovery gear

Congrats, Josh, and thanks for taking the time to show us the trails in the area. What a beautiful place to wheel.

Also we want to give a special thanks to Yankum Ropes for the continued support. Your guys are awesome.

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