Black Butte Recovery

Black Butte Recovery

At 12:57 p.m. last Friday, the 5th of March, Noah Z. submitted a vehicle recovery request. He was exploring the backside of Black Butte with his Toyota Tundra when he lost traction and slid off the road. He then had to leave the vehicle a walk 7 miles down back to the near town, Sisters where he would have service to call for a recovery.

By 1:14 p.m., we submitted the request to volunteers in Deschutes and Jefferson county. A few minutes later, we had around 15 of the 18 volunteers we invited participating in the Lobby.

Our volunteers were finishing work, so we had a few hours of delay, but by 4:00 p.m., Jacob Carson was getting together with Noah, the requester, to get the vehicle out.

When Jacob arrived, he noticed Noah was almost nosed into a tree off the side of the road. He ran a snatch block off a tree behind him and winched him back onto the road. After that, Noah was able to drive out on his own. Jacob thinks Noah probably would have done better if he had aired down.

By 5:00 p.m., Jacob told us Noah was out, and the ticket was closed.

We contacted Noah after the recovery; he told us that he was extremely happy and might help us by becoming a patron.

Reminder: If your want to help our group, please consider becoming a patron! A few bucks a month makes a huge difference and help us cover the cost to keep our free services going! Thanks!

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