Bottomed out on the frame

Bottomed out on the frame

On the morning of Tuesday, December 19th, 2023, at 9:48 a.m. (Eastern Time), we were contacted for assistance regarding a North Carolina offroad recovery. The individual seeking help, Brendon, provided a concise description of the situation: “The vehicle runs and drives but has bottomed out on the frame. I am currently with the vehicle“.

We contacted Brendon right away and verified his location and situation. He immediately replied, telling us he had a guy on the scene attempting to get him out. At this point, we decided to wait for an update. By Noon, he reached out and told us he was still stuck. So, we activated the request and sent it to local volunteers. No more than 2 minutes later, we had a few volunteers interacting and trying to figure out how to help.

North Carolina offroad recovery
Photo submitted by Brendon

One of the volunteers, Aaron, was available in the afternoon after work. He reached out to Brendon after 6 p.m. and found out the vehicle had already been recovered.

We still want to thank Aaron and all the other volunteers who offered help or responded to this request.

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