Bottomed out!

It was around 8:43 p.m. (PST) when we received a request for a recovery in North Carolina. The request read: “Dodge Ram 1500 stuck bottomed out No lift stock tires no equipment. GPS said to take this road called Seaborn RD to get to Great Lakes rd it’s dark cold and I’m almost out of gas.”

Knowing over there it was close to midnight, we tried get the request verified quickly so we can send it to volunteers.

10 minutes later the ticket was active and the invite to volunteers was sent. It only took 4 minutes for Brandon B., one of our volunteers in North Carolina to let us know he was in route. One hour and two minutes later Brandon marked the ticket closed in our lobby and the requester, John Ellis, text us a thank you message and also told us Brandon brought him 10 gallons of gas because he was running out.

They got me out, your guy is great. Not only did he bring me gas but let my girlfriend sit in his warm Jeep. A company wanted to charge me a grand plus 8 bucks a gallon for gas. And he did it for pump price and didn’t charge to recover me. Thank you

John Ellis

Brandon not only did the recovery, brought the gas, but he also took the time to shot some photos and send them our way after the recovery.

So kudos to Brandon for taking on this recovery and also thanks for going the extra mile!