Broken down on the trail

Monday at 8:31 a.m. (PST), we received a recovery request from Central Oregon, where Ian Farquhar had to leave his vehicle because of technical issues.

His ticket read: “Location: Forest Road 4600-370 in Happy Valley beyond the Snow gate at Mrazek Trailhead before the Tumalo Creek Crossing, parked tail in on south side of road where the road meets the creek. This road goes through to Broken Top Trailheads and Todd Lake. Road is rocky and rough, but not extreme.

Situation: Vehicle not stuck and safely parked at the side of the road. Rear suspension or swing arm damaged or broken, thought I had a flat but got to a safe spot and found the entire wheel and tire at an extreme angle and rubbing so bad in the wheel well it almost caught fire. Tried the spare to see if would not rub to limp down the hill but it was just dragging and seemed like I would cause more damage. Was with another vehicle and family and infant and had to leave the rig and get outta there yesterday afternoon.

Vehicle: 2008 BMW X5 V8. Not sure if this is field repairable, towable, draggable, needs a flatbed, OR.. Would like to rescue it before the snow falls and gates close for the winter. I have another vehicle that can make it out there but am hoping to find some folks with more experience in these sorts of things. Can reimburse.

Thank you so much. / I’m not with the vehicle”

We contacted him and verified the location and contact information. He mostly needed somebody to get him off the trail where a towing company could take the vehicle back to him.

We submitted the request to all volunteers 30 miles around and got Casey LaDelle to jump into action and take care of the request. Thanks, Casey.

Photo submitted by Ian.