Chevy 1500 HD stuck in mud

Thursday at 12:46 p.m., we received a within the city limits request for a quick recovery near Oregon City. It was a quick winch recovery behind a private property. The requestor, Blake in the ticket said: “The rain today produced a lot of clay mud behind the house. We have been trying to drive out with no luck.”

By 2:14 p.m., we were entering the property in construction with permission from the owners. We drove our jeep behind the house thru some mud and parked our Jeep in the back of the property and slowly pull with our new Warn Zeon Syntethic 12k winch their heavy truck. The vehicle was out of the mud hole in a few minutes. This was our first official time using our winch on a recovery. It performed excellent!

We didn’t involve any volunteers other than ourselves since this was next to us and in private property. Plus it was a pretty straight forward recovery without any excitement.

Took us longer to find the property than to take them out of the hole. By 2:30 p.m. the recovery was closed. Here is a short boring video of the recovery…