Jetta Wagon in trouble

Jetta Wagon in trouble

Friday at 12:51 pm, Tobias Gu, sent a recovery request. He contacted AAA to tow his vehicle, a Jetta Wagon lifted with a damage axle back to the city. But after arriving AAA told him they couldn’t get to the vehicle.

Tobias was trying to Abiqua Falls Trailhead, and passed a washed area on the road where he broke his axle. He left the vehicle and went to Camp Dakota where he was able to use a phone to request help.

After contacting Tobias and coordinating with him, we submitted the ticket to our volunteers in Marion County. By 1:23 pm, Thomas D. marked himself as Engaged, while Jesse D. and Matthew H. marked themselves as standing by. By 3:00 pm, Thomas arrive and dragged the vehicle from the back around a mile back to the main road. He also submitted the photos we show here.

By 4:10 pm, Thomas closed the ticket and announced the recovery was finished.

Awesome job! Well done Thomas.

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