Couple of offroad recoveries done by members

Sean Rimes, a pretty active member in Central Oregon, shares here with us two offroad recoveries he performed on April 22nd: “Went hiking yesterday 4/22 and a couple had parked their Toyota Tacoma at Tolman Creek and Siskiyou Summit road and couldn’t get it started, and were having trouble getting a tow truck to come out since it’s an unmaintained road. I got out the strap and pulled them back down the mountain.

sean rimes performing an offroad recovery in central oregon
images provided by Sean

And before on March 11th, “Back on 3/11 a guy in a chevy Malibu got stuck up Tolman Creek looking for a fishing stream. Honestly I was kinda impressed he made it as far as he did. A quick tug got him turned around and heading back down the mountain.

offroad recoveries in central oregon
images provided by Sean

Awesome job helping others Sean, kudos to you!

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