Stuck in a mud puddle

Stuck in a mud puddle

Saturday, May 29th, 2023, at 9:15 a.m. (EST), a request for an offroad recovery was received in our system from New Hampshire. The requester Marc Cohen found himself stuck in a rather large mud puddle and needed somebody with a winch to get him out.

His request read:My Toyota FJ Cruiser is stuck in a mud puddle about 1 mile up Carter Hill Rd from the 4-way intersection of Day Pond Rd, Massecum Ave, Rowe Mtn Rd and Carter Hill Rd (N 43 13.039 W 071 54.234). Coming in Massecum Rd is the easiest way as it’s driveable by a regular SUV. Carter Hill Rd is very rocky until you get to the mud hole. My Toyota is about 30-40′ from dry land. It appears that I’m hung on a rock as all four wheels spin. I’ve tried placing rocks, etc., under the wheels, but they cannot get a grip. The driver’s side is deeper in the water, so the Toyota is tilted to that side. This is a town road and is open to 4-wheel drive vehicles.

I’m in Lebanon currently (9:15 am) and can be there in 45 minutes. If I go home to Cornish, it would take me an hour.

Sorry, I don’t have any photos.

Thanks for any help; I don’t mind assisting in the recovery and any costs plus associated.
Marc / I’m not with the vehicle.

We verified the contact information and vehicle’s location and prepared the ticket for the local volunteers. Although we didn’t have a ton of volunteers in the area, within minutes, we had a bunch of volunteers trying to organize the recovery.

Mark Lyerly who couldn’t help because he was out, New Hampshire Off-road Recovery and from this shared we found one volunteer Kirk Dockham, from the list of our volunteers we had James Alton. They both worked as a team and pulled together with both winches to get the vehicle out.

James sent us this quick note after the recovery with some photos: “Went well. The FJ was stuck much worse than it looked and required both of us winching. Then it came right out.

Thanks to both volunteers, Kirk and James, your help was greatly appreciated. And Now also Marc signed up to be a volunteer too.

NH offroad recovery
Photo by Kirk
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