First time planning to hit the trails?

While getting the vehicle of your dreams might seem like the number one concern before hitting the trails, there are other factors to consider. Make sure you know how to use your new vehicle, especially all of those new electronic options included with it.

The trail is not the best place to try figuring out how to turn on your lockers for the first time or disengage your swaybar.

Getting a fancy winch is great, but make sure you understand how to use it, also make sure it was correctly installed and that your battery is strong enough to run it under load. Make sure you got a good bumper that is secured correctly to support your new winch under a heavy load. Do you have everything else that you need to use your winch? tree saver, shackles, soft shackles, etc…

Here is a link to another article with more tips about offroading for beginners.

So, that is just a quick list of things to keep in mind before getting that brand new and shiny rig into the trail… but what about the sticker and the safety course required in most states?.

ATV safety education increases your understanding of basic ATV operation and safe riding techniques.

When you understand safe riding techniques for ATV operation, you can avoid hazards. Riding safely requires you to take responsibility for your actions, learn about your riding environment, and know all ATV laws and regulations.

Here is a link for each state to get your mandatory safety course before visiting the trail:

Once you are ready, see you on the trails!

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