Friday’s recovery

Friday’s recovery

Early at 10:16 a.m., we received a ticket submitted by a third party. The ticket stated there was a truck stuck in the mud on a gravel road. The driver left the vehicle, and the ticket needed coordination before we could engage anybody.
By 10:24 a.m., we communicate with the vehicle owner by text, and once we confirmed the situation, we assigned the ticket.

Donovan was the first one to jump on this recovery. He also verified the correct location since the ticket showed the incorrect location by 1 degree to the north.
Wayne was the second one to respond. I made sure to let Donovan know Wayne was joining him, and he told me that Larry was also on his way.

Donovan sent us a quick recap of the recovery and shared some pretty good photos. He told us they got there and had to pull a minivan that blew a tire trying to help him get out. Later, we had to undo the 300 ft of cable and 100 ft rope tied to the front bumper, and then we ran 2 30ft tow straps to his truck and winched him up the hill.

The communication between the team was great and kept us updated the entire time by text.

These three super heroes saved the day! Thanks, guys!.

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