LX470 stuck in deep snow

Sunday at around 10:53 p.m., we received a recovery request from Jacob Lupton who was near Lolo Pass when he lost traction and got stuck in the snow.

Here are Jacob notes: “I have a LX470 stuck in deep snow on Top Spur Trailhead road about 600′ from where the road splits from FS1828. I tried winching with a friends rig but ran out of daylight. I dug most of the snow out and aired down to 7psi. I’ll be there tomorrow around 10 a.m., to continue to dig it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

We invited all our available members for Monday, since Jacob was planning to go recover the vehicle the following day. The following day we received word from Jacob around 1:00 p.m., that two of our volunteers showed up and helped him get the Lexus out. Kudos to Owen B. and Baillie. E. who handled this recovery without any hiccups.

Awesome work guys!