Welcome, East Coast!

This past week we have grown a lot; we received lots of requests and met many awesome new people!

From New York to Florida, we see a big flurry of activity. We connected with many organized clubs and organizations and added many administrators to support requests in that area.

We will soon start also seeing more content on this site since some of the administrators on the East Coast also have access to Portal’s website to share their recovery stories.

The Portal’s mission is to allow anybody to submit a request; we are not looking at replacing your local club or organization. We want to collaborate with every organized group already established. In some states, groups are seeing the benefit of coordinating the recoveries using our system, especially the lobby. But at the end of the day, we can fit your needs so you can take the most advantage of our free services.

We welcome all new volunteers from North Carolina, Tennessee, South Caroline, Florida, Virginia, New York, Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, Maryland, Maine and many more!