Stuck in Pelican Island, Texas

Stuck in Pelican Island, Texas

On Saturday, December 02, 2023, at 10:18 p.m. (CT), we received a request for an offroad recovery in Pelican Island Texas, particularly on Pelican Island (Texas 4×4 rescue). The requester, Karson Ford, submitted the following information: “4wd f-250 super duty and a 02 4wd wrangler, in Pelican Island, stuck to the frame. / I’m with the vehicle“.

After verifying the contact information and location, we passed the request to local volunteers. The request was also shared with a local Facebook group in Galveston, TX. From our volunteers, we had Keith Tienken mark himself as engaging and contact John before driving over. He was about 30-60 minutes away.

offroad recovery in Pelican Island Texas offroad recovery
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Keith, couldn’t take any pictures, so he sent us a quick note the following day: “I drove close to the stuck vehicles. By the time I got there, the Jeep was unstuck, but the throttle cable return spring was broken, so the throttle was stuck wide open and not drivable. There were a couple of other trucks there. We tried recovery boards as the first try, and they did not work.  We then got the Yankum Rope, and in two tugs, everyone was free. We turned the Jeep around and pulled it back to the road.  Due to the number of vehicles, I provided the equipment and directions but did not actually pull the truck out.

The recovery was completed after midnight. We thank Keith and all the other volunteers involved for helping. Awesome job.

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