Pump Review: Little fella, does the job!

We tested the Smittybilt Air Compressor 2.54 CFM. We ran the comparison against a VIAIR 450P pump we always use on the same tire size 38″.

The Smittybilt inflates the tires in 5 minutes 30 seconds, compared to the 6 minutes 20 seconds our regular VIAIR takes. We also noticed the Smittybilt is a bit louder, and has not auto-shut off system. It also vibrates a bit more when compared. You have to make sure it is in the ground when running. While our VIAIR can be left unattended on the Jeep’s fender.

The Smittybilt compressors sales for $107 compared to $377 for the VIAIR 450P. The Smittybilt pushes 2.54 CFM compared to 1.8 CFM from VIAIR.

The box includes all you need, Quick release 24 foot coil hose, Heavy-duty easy clip connectors, Heavy-duty easy clip connectors, Integrated easy to read 150 PSI pressure gauge, 10 foot power cord, Includes nylon storage bag and Anti-vibration rubber feet.

It also has a maximum continuous cycle time (duty cycle) – 40 minutes at 40 psi at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and maximum airflow – 72 liters per minute and a auto-thermal cutoff switch – protects motor against damage. It can be permanently mounted and hard-wired.

So, in conclusion: if you don’t mind the lack of auto-shut off, this little guy gets the job done in a budget and a bit quicker.