Recovering a stolen Suburban in Oregon

June 6th, and 10:24 a.m., (PST), we received a request from Richard, from Gales Creek Towing. He was referred to us by the Tillamook County Sheriff. They had a stolen Chevrolet Suburban on a trail and they needed help to get it out. The towing vehicle equipment wouldn’t fir on the trail to drag the vehicle out so they needed help get it out on the open.

We process the request, and also informed the volunteers, the Towing co. will compensate for the efforts the volunteers involved. By 1:48 p.m., Thomas Cutler, one of our volunteers, took over the recovery and coordinated with Richard to meet later in the afternoon and get the Suburban out.

The recovery was finished by 9:15 p.m., when we received the phrase from Thomas: “That was insane. It’s out after 3 hours of dead dragging and winching with the wheels locked up”

Thanks Thomas for helping! That was awesome!