Recovery on NF2660

Recovery on NF2660

We received a recovery request for a family with a Toyota Tacoma stock with a family stranded on road 2660. We were not sure the road was opened. If it was closed we could get in trouble so we were not assigning volunteers because the GPS coordinates were showing them in an area already restricted.

We arrived in the area, on Hwy 26 and learned the request was actually in the opened section of the road, Adam arrived, deflated and head first into the area. About a 1/2 mile from Hwy 26, in the upper section of 2660.

Rick also arrived just because he was told by a friend of these guys in trouble. Adam secure Rick’s back of his custom build tacoma to his Jeep Cherokee and pull forward the stock Tacoma that was sliding off the road.

The conditions of the road were pretty icy, maybe there were a bit better earlier that day but by the time we arrived, around 7 p.m., the road up hill was icy. Adam was deflated, and I, instead of deflating, kept the tires at normal PSI and installed the spikes on all 4 tires. I was designated plan-b. If they started to lose traction I will be the one helping the rest.

Rick pull the Tacoma a few feet, for safety I tossed my heavy jacket over the winch since it was actually a wire line. The Tacoma wasn’t getting much traction to get off the ditch so I ran to my Jeep and pull the traction pads, we used those just once to get the Tacoma to get over the road section again. Turned around a went back down the road.

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