Scary how quickly things can go bad

Sunday at 3:12 p.m. we received a recovery request from Paula, who was with her family on a dirt road in Lane County west of the city of Eugene. They were driving a 2WD Chevy pickup. By the time they realize they were in trouble they tried to turn around but started to slide sideways down the hill.

After we verified their information and suggested a few things over the phone, we decided to submit the request to our volunteers. By 3:51 p.m., Alan D. and Allen H. were both coordinating the recovery.

Paula shared with us this note: “Scary how quickly things can go bad. All we wanted to do was get turned around and try to get to a spot where my daughter’s little envoy could pull a little. We let the air out of the back and tried to move. We are too close to the edge. Tow strapped to tree roots on the other side so we don’t go over the edge. But every time we try to inch it out…it slides sideways.”

Afterward, they both shared the recovery was pretty simple, Alan used his winch to get them out of the 3 holes ditch they were stuck, then Allen pulled them up the hill with a strap.

Here are some photos we received of the recovery before our volunteers arrived.

After the recovery, Paula sent this message: “We wanted to let you know. Angels…the whole bunch of you that do this thing. So grateful”

As always, our volunteers saved the day! Thank you, guys!