Muddy road in California

Thursday at 3:43am, we received a recovery request from Bennie Laster in California. He was close to Sacramento driving his Nissan car 2WD, when his GPS sent him on a dirt road that was covered in water.

Here is the notes from the recovery: “I have a black 2012 Nissan Maxima, front wheel drive. The vehicle is not damaged. It is stuck in mud. The name of the dirt road the vehicle is on is N. Palladay RD. The name changes to Know RD. back to N. Palladay Rd. but remains N. Palladay Rd. When traveling on N. Palladay Rd. it goes from being slightly paved to dirt, to slick mud in which I got stuck I tried to rock the vehicle from reverse to drive, and turn the wheel, but I just dug my tires deeper into more mud and water which is in different areas forming small pools along the road. The recent rainstorms has made the road more slick and caused the dirt to turn into mud. I contacted Triple (AAA) but they were unable to come all the way down the road to attach to my vehicle to get me out as as they figured their heavy truck would get stuck also. The Triple (AAA) driver instead took me to my home, so I am no longer with the vehicle. I apologize, I did not take photos as it was about dusk when I started heading down the road. When I got stuck it was already dark and raining, windy, conditions. The reason I went down this road in the 1st place was because my GPS suggested it on my phone using Google maps trying to do a DoorDash delivery which was located on Baseline Rd. N. Palladay Rd./Know Rd. was supposed to go through to Baseline Rd. / I’m not with the vehicle”

We submitted the ticket to a few local groups in California, and in a matter of minutes we got a few people already engaging. Finally at 9:50, Unkle Prune, from the group California 4×4 Rescue updated the ticket and shared some photos. He said in his comments, the recovery was pretty easy. Here are some photos to illustrate.

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