Snowed roads near Ashland

Snowed roads near Ashland

Around 9 a.m., on Friday, we received a recovery request from the southern region of Oregon. Brian was driving his Infinity Fx35 when his vehicle sunk into the deep snow losing traction on the passenger side of it.

After we confirmed the vehicle’s location and status, we learned that Brian left the SUV and was back in the city.

By 9:13 a.m., we already had the lobby working in our web app and had around ten volunteers participating.

I announced what Brian shared with me on the chat and asked the volunteers to contact him to coordinate.

By 9:21 a.m., Marc Estep had announced he already talked to Brian and was already en route to help on this recovery.

He even took some pictures for us to share in this article. By 1:31 p.m., Marc closed the ticket and announced the SUV was back on the pavement safe and sound.

Excellent job, one more time! Kudos to Marc for helping in this recovery!

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