A few quick recoveries

In the past few days, we were quite busy working in our system, making improvements but also making recoveries all over Oregon.
Although none of these recoveries were like the glamorous ones we always remember, for the people needing help, I’m sure these were EPIC.

Sunday, we had Crystal, who requested help from Browns Camp, near Salmonberry River, but we could not reach them. We assigned the ticket and submitted it to a bunch of volunteers in the hopes they might be able to find them, but the description was too vague. Finally, Ran was able to talk to them the following day and confirm they were ok. Still, our volunteers covered miles looking for them.

Monday, we received a request from Mark, who had to leave an RV, in Browns Camp because it got covered in snow and could get to it without help. In this case, we had Reco with his big F350 help pull that RV from frozen ground to HWY 26. By 7 p.m., they were done.

Tuesday night, we received a text message requesting help from the parking lot in front of Bunny Snow Park, where Joshua with his little children was stuck in the snow in a simple traction truck. We had Camron take cake of this one just before midnight.

Wednesday early morning, we received a request for recovery from Brian, driving a Blue Jeep Liberty when he got stuck in a foot of snow near Ashland. He had a baby in his vehicle, so the situation was pretty serious. We submitted the ticket to people in Jackson and Klamath counties. By 2 p.m., we had Matt take care of them, pulling the vehicle about two miles down the road when a towing company met them since they had a broken transmission.

These recoveries don’t seem that special, but they all have one common factor: our amazing volunteers, who day and night jump to the possibility of helping somebody in need.

Tomorrow we have schedule an interview with Koin 6 news, so get ready to get a lot more recoveries specially with the snow coming our way. Stay safe!

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