Our Service Truck is stuck

Our Service Truck is stuck

Thursday 10:44 a.m., we received a ticket from Shad reporting his fellow driver, David, was driving near Gold Hill on private property when their service truck skid off the muddy main dirt road into the ditch.

We gathered all the information and corroborated that they had proper permission to be on that property. After that, we completed the submitted ticket with all the information we got and sent it initially to Jackson County people. We waited an hour and expanded for people in Klamath and Josephine counties.

By 2 p.m., we got a few volunteers working on coordinating who was closer and available to this request in our new lobby center.
Marc Estep, the first volunteer to offer help, call Shad and gathered the name and number of the driver who will be available to meet the volunteers the next day. All the information was shared among the users in the lobby.

Later on Thursday, the volunteers decided to execute the recovery the following day in the morning. Ray Campos took care of the rescue on his supercharged 350 Suburban on 38’s. Also with him just as support was Marc Estep.

By noon on Friday, the recovery was finished. The vehicle was back on the road, and the ticket was successfully closed.

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