Stranded Dodge 3500

Stranded Dodge 3500

Through our web app, we received a ticket Sunday morning at 6:59 a.m., for a recovery of a Dodge 3500, stranded near La Dee Flats in a foot of snow on the side of the road.

Melvin, who submitted the ticket, was driving Sunday morning when he skid of the road toward the bank. With not enough traction, he decided to call for help. He jump on our website, and use the web app to ask for help.

At 7:23, I contacted him back via text, to get more details. at around 9 we coordinated the recovery with Adam and a few hours later we arrived with Adam and recover the vehicle using a snatch block and two winches.

Worth mentioning, one of the winches we used was a Tuff Stuff 12,500 pound, heavy duty wireless winch, that demonstrated how well built it was. Kudos to Tuff Stuff for an excellent product.

Here is a short video of the event.

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