Stuck in Northern Idaho

Wednesday at 2:58 p.m., we received a request from Northern Idaho, a few miles east of Spokane. The request was sent by Terry Truitt who was driving his Tacoma 4×4 while scouting camping spots for overlanding and got into the upper part of a snowed icy hill and when trying to turn around he got stuck.

He had not enough signal, so we produced the request using the information he shared by text and with that invited all members we had in Idaho and the Spokane area. We also shared with some facebook groups, Idaho 4×4 Rescue and Idaho Offroad & Recovery Public Page

From the volunteers we invited to participate, one took charge and got Terry out of trouble. By 7:54 p.m., Terry reported he was out thanks to Dustin who helped him all the way down, even when he got stuck a few more times.

Awesome work Dustin! Thanks for helping.