High center in the snow

High center in the snow

Monday, January 15th, 2024, at 10:57 a.m. (PT), we received this request for an offroad recovery in Washington for a second time. The first time it was shared online with a local group, The Gorge Off Road and Recovery, the requester, John Mccafferty, thought he found help initially and canceled the first request, but a day later, he posted asking for help in our system.

offroad recovery in Washington 4x4 rescue
Photo sent by Tad, this is where the vehicle was stuck.

The requester submitted the following information: “Remington Rd. Lyle WA Subaru Forester I’ve been driving the through the snow so I could keep making it in n out but I got off the ruts n got hi centered. I shoveled it out 3tims,but I’m disabled and couldn’t get under it. There’s probably a foot of. New snow. I’m in Hood River Oregon and I don’t have. A ride, from 3801 peters dr Hood River 97031 / I’m not with the vehicle.

We started looking for volunteers. Three minutes after submitting the request, we had Tad Johnston taking over the request. He contacted John to coordinate and drove him from Hood River to WA, to get his vehicle recovered. By 2:00 p.m. Tad updated the lobby of our system and closed the request. He got John’s vehicle recovered.

Thanks, Tad, awesome job. (offroad recovery in Washington)

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