Stuck for over 12 hours in snow

Stuck for over 12 hours in snow

Wednesday, January, 26th, 2023 at 10:41 a.m. (PST), we received a request for help from Cottage Grove, OR, where Dennis Schnelle and another family member found themselves stranded on the snow for over 12 hours after going there to play with the snow.

His request read:Road name is Blm rd 23 3 5 4 we are 30 miles from creswell Oregon. Been stuck for over 12 hours in snow. We need a winch out. We are in a Chevy Silverado and need help out. / I’m not with the vehicle

We verified his contact information and also received a similar request submitted by his dad, Kevin, from both tickets we were able to gather the location and get some photos. With all all that information checked we sent the request to volunteers.

A few volunteers were available in the afternoon to help, but Ian Ellis, took care and got Dennis out of the mountain by using his winch. By 4:56 p.m., Ian closed the ticket and updated all of us. Dennis was out and on his way home.

Below some photos submitted by Ian. Thanks Ian, awesome job!

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