Stuck in the trails of Colorado

Stuck in the trails of Colorado

Wednesday, 4:45 p.m. (PST), we received a text message on our emergency line. Emmett Caldwell, who was driving his Toyota Tacoma and exploring up Switzerland trail, 10 miles west from Boulder, Colorado, got stuck in 3 feet of snow.

He couldn’t submit a ticket himself so we gathered all the information, location, contact information, and photos and created the ticket ourselves. With the ticket ready and his information checked, we send it to our volunteers.

10 minutes after posting the request, Nicholas Albright marked himself as engaged and contacted Emmett.

Here are the notes Nicholas shared with us after the recovery:

Greetings folks!

Attached are some stills from the recovery this evening. In attendance: My wife and I, and Shane with his black G-Wagon. Shane will be signing up tonight for the Colorado area. He is a resident in that area and regularly drives that road doing recoveries. He actually came to my rescue and recovered me on the same trail three weeks ago!

After action report:

All parties staged at the Switzerland trail entrance and went up together. RP was waiting in the parking lot when we arrived at 1822.

Conditions were good, road had 4 inches of snow up to where the RP got stuck, he was framed out in a Toyota Tacoma with 32 inch tires and a two inch lift. Temp was about 40 degrees.

RP had been there since noon trying to dig himself out. Due to the time he was stuck on trail we decided to winch instead of Kinetic Rope, just to make sure it wasn’t frozen in place. A slight pull with the winch popped him right out. RP drove out without any issues. Completed recovery time was 1840. All vehicles home by 1930.



Colorado has an amazing group of volunteers, we are amazed by the level of response from these folks. Worth mentioning we also shared the recovery and invite all members of Colorado 4×4 rescue our recovery partner.

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