Time to clean up Browns!

Chatting with Jordan today, from @capturesbyclark, he told us, he is organizing a clean up at Browns Camp OHV for June 20th. Last year he told us he got about 30 rigs, so maybe we can all participate and get much more done! Let’s all help him get more rigs to do more! Overlanders, Rock Crawlers, all vehicles welcome!

I know Browns Camps is in poor shape lately, a lot of people are trying to do what they can to keep it clean, but it takes a big group to do this at a big scale. Jordan has prizes for participants and he will be meeting people at the Staging Area at 9 a.m., Saturday, June 20th.

During our chat, Jordan told us: “This is my second clean up I’ve organized out there. I’ve got some prizes to give away to people. And one company is brewing a custom beer and can that I’m going to go hide out in the woods on the trails so people can find them while looking for trash”

If you need more information you can reach out to Jordan on Instagram.

It sounds like an awesome event to support and participate, hope to see you all there!