Weekend Recovery

Weekend Recovery

On Saturday at around 6:00 p.m., we received a request for a recovery. Jimmy, was driving near Mapleton, on road NF-2170 when he slid of the road and due to the mud he couldn’t get back out.

He sent us the ticket with this GPS coordinates, within 3 minutes, we sent the ticket to a group of volunteers, and by 6:10 p.m. we had the first responders taking on the lead. It is great to see the system working. More and more, we are getting better at communicating with the requester and the volunteers, coordinating the recoveries.

The first two, to take on the recovery were Donovan Jassen and Larry Buttler.

They not only replied back to the ticket confirming their engagement on the recovery, but also contacting the requester to coordinate the efforts. We follow up as well with both parties and close the ticket once the recovery was completed.

By 6:37 p.m., Jimmy texted me, letting me know he was out. It took less than 40 minutes since he sent the ticket until he was out!

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