A few recoveries we received…

A few recoveries we received…

We had quite a few recoveries lately, some were not super spectacular, but we continue to grow the base of volunteers and the amount of people who uses our service around the country.

Among the few we handled, there was one in Marion County, OR where a truck was stuck on ditch. One in Benton County, OR where a 44′ trailer with horses was stuck in a private property and our amazing volunteers jumped into action to help a neighbor.

One in Klamath, when somebody was stuck in soft ground over night. One in Lincoln City, OR. One from Northern CA. Another one from Virginia and one more from Alabama.

We are getting ready to receive a lot of request during this coming winter. We are working with a lot of local groups of volunteers. Since we opened the request to the general public in some states our service is just gathering information for the local groups to coordinate the recovery efforts. If you have a group and you are interested in becoming an administrator in your area let us know.

We are also expanding our reach in the east coast and soon we will have a group of administrators just handling their side of the requests themselves.

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