Recovery in Maine!

We had our first recovery in Maine, when Joe Youker submitted the following: “range rover 4×4 in working order
bogged down in soggy clay, very slippery and seems to be sitting on it’s undercarriage. Tried shoveling out the earth underneath it, but it just sunk further into the muck. Tried metal traction boards to no avail. No trees or boulders nearby to attach a winch or come-a-long it’s about a third of a mile from the road. trail is wide enough for a jeep/SUV and not too rough. only worry would be blueberry bushes scratching your paint.”

After chatting with Joe, he explained he left the vehicle overnight and was safe back at home. He was asking for help for the following day.

I look into Maine and we didn’t have any actual signed up volunteers yet, but thanks to the help of Maine 4×4 Rescue and Maine Off-Road we found help for Joe.

The recovery was submitted at 5:08 p.m. (PST), so it was 8:08 p.m. their local time. Once posted, a few minutes later we got two new volunteers who created accounts in our lobby system. Chris S. and Ian S. The later actually contacted Joe and scheduled to go there and help him the following morning.

A day later we chatted with Joe who told us, Ian came with his Jeep, and took care of it using his winch. Here are some photos of the recovery. Kudos to Ian for an awesome recovery job!.