Alvord Desert

April 2nd, at around 2 p.m., Yessica submitted a recovery request. She was camping near the Alvord Desert with her Toyota Tacoma when she decided to go exploring and got stuck in soft mud.

From her notes: Toyota Tacoma four-door short bed. Stuck in slippery slick mud. Need planks or a pull with a winch. I am maybe 50 feet away from hard-pack Playa desert. Campground employees are not permitted to assist. The roadside is too far. I am in my camper trailer on the desert Playa, about 1.5 miles away. I will send pics this evening when I ride my bicycle back over. / I’m not with the vehicle

Once we contacted Yessica and verified the vehicle’s status, we submitted the request to volunteers in that area. We don’t have many volunteers, so I activate three counties around the area, where we have around 20 volunteers.

Tim Titus offered Yessica help. He is about 100 miles north of the Alvord Desert and very familiar with the area, having helped us before with other recoveries.

We kept Yessica updated throughout the evening. She had left the vehicle in the muddy area and was riding a bicycle to where she had her camper. That evening Yessica told us a photographer from Portland camp next to her and offered to help with the vehicle.

Yessica’s Toyota stuck in the desert

Tim didn’t have to go, but he was ready to assist. And Yessica was very appreciative of the whole group and the support we offered her throughout the entire incident.

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