Muddy Saturday

Muddy Saturday

At 8:55 p.m. last Saturday, March 27th, we received a call to help recover a vehicle from one of our members: Tyler F.

Tyler got stuck in his property on a soft swampy area down to his axles. No way to use a winch since he had no anchor points.

5 Minutes later, we submitted the ticket to our volunteers. We had in Yamhill County around 15 volunteers available on Saturday. Within 15 minutes, we had around nine people chatting and coordinating in the lobby, including the requester, who our system including in his own recovery… too funny! But it was actually good since he was able to chat back and forth with the volunteers… so I think in the future, I will start to invite to the lobby the requester if they are members.

Anyway, by 10:45 p.m., the vehicle got recovered, and the ticket closed.

We connected afterward with some of the volunteers to gather a bit of information, but overall, this was so fast pace they didn’t have any photos. Also I didn’t get the name of the other volunteer who Matt mentions below.

Notes from Tyler: We were out checking the backfield of our property, I just bought a 2006 tj and wanted to see if my Spartan was locking up, so I drove into a soft “swampy” area, and well, it all went south from there. I broke ground and went straight to the skid plate, I tried to self recover, but I had nothing to winch off of. Lesson learned, if it was a hard winter, stay out of the soft pond area, I basically got cocky and got myself in a bad spot. I’m actually one of the volunteers out that way and never had to request help. First time I guess

Notes from Matt C.: Unfortunately, the camera on my phone is broken or I woulda got video. Jeep was stuck in some big ruts in a swampy area of a farm. First few pulls of the winch just pulled the other responding members jeep in towards the stuck jeep. After setting up the snatch block anchored to the Durango the winch was able to pull out the stuck jeep. Vehicle owner was very grateful and offered money for fuel but I turned it down and told him I just hope when its my turn to be rescued someone will return the favor. Kudos to the other responding member with the jeep and winch. He’s really the one who made the recovery happen.

Thanks to all volunteers involved on this recovery. If your want to help our group, please consider becoming a patron! A few bucks a month makes a huge difference and help us cover the cost to keep our free services going! Thanks!

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