Camper and truck stranded

At 5:21 p.m., on Monday we received a recovery request from Justin Brown, who was in a dirt road with his Silverado pulling a trailer and got stuck in the mud.

We verified all the information with him first, and then submitted the ticket to our volunteers. Guys from the awesome group Gorge Off road and Recovery saved the day, when three of them jump into action and rescued Justin’s trailer with no hesitation.

Justin recovery’s notes: My Silverado 4×4 is currently stuck down a short dirt road right off booth hill road. The road is saturated and rutted in certain spots. The real issue is that my small travel trailer (and home) is at the end of the road I’m stuck on and I see no way of extracting it myself while the road is wet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pictures to follow. / I’m with the vehicle

By 6:58 p.m., there were three volunteers from the Gorge’s group heading toward Justin. By 8:39, Jonathan and the rest of the team closed the ticket in our lobby. I checked with Justin and he was very appreciative of the whole effort. So kudos to Jonathan, Kaje and Arnulfo who handled this without any reservations!. Thanks guys!.

Below there is a photo shared by Arnulfo P. who participated in the recovery.