Engine trouble & stuck at the bottom…

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2023, a request for help with an offroad recovery of a vehicle in California was received. The requester James Spowart, submitted the following information: “Hi, we’re stuck off-road on the 1N09 at the GPS coordinates listed. My engine started knocking and almost rolled the car into a ditch. We can’t get up the hill due to erosion and the narrowness/height of the vehicle. The car still drives but we really need help please. I will of course be happy to pay too. We were stuck having to camp on the trail last night and are really hoping someone can assist us. It doesn’t look bad in the photos but it’s worse in reality. Please help and god bless. / I’m with the vehicle

The ticket was handled by our administrator Myrian Fontan who was covering California that day.

Brandon Hawkins, a local volunteer assisted with this recovery. He sent us a note: “It was was a pretty basic recovery. I spotted him,and he drove out under his own power.

Brandon, we appreciate your help. Awesome job.