Flipped sideways in Oregon

Tuesday, 8th at around 10:58 am, we received a recovery request from near Tillamook, OR, where Steven Bustamante was driving his 1998 Grand Cherokee drove up on the side of the road and flip his vehicle. He was not with the vehicle. We verified his location, contact information and status and started looking for volunteers.

At first we put the request on pause, because Steven told us he could probably get somebody that afternoon. An hour later he contacted us to re-activate the request, his friend wasn’t coming. The ticket was submitted to volunteers at 1:18 pm (PST), by 1:20 pm, one of our volunteers Thomas Cutler took over the recovery, marked himself as standing by, contacted Steven and coordinated the recovery for 6 pm the same day. At 9:36 pm, we received confirmation from Steven and Thomas that the vehicle was recovered.

Thanks to Thomas for helping and going the extra mile on this recovery! He even took some photos and shared with us!

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