High-centered since midnight…

High-centered since midnight…

Let 2023 begin…

Sunday, January 1st, 10 a.m. (MST), we received a request for recovery from Idaho, where Cole Myers reported being stuck to his frame in mud and ruts in his 2011 Ford Expedition.

His request read: I’m in a 2011 ford expedition high centered on my frame in some ruts about a half mile off of Kuna cave rd toward the caves. / I’m with the vehicle“.

We contacted him immediately, confirmed his location, and asked for a few photos. Once the ticket was ready, we submitted it to volunteers.

A few minutes after submitting the request we had 2 volunteers offering to help, Mike Haviland was 1 hour away from the location but willing to go. The second one, Aaron Malin was 20 minutes away.

Aaron took on the recovery, contacted Cole and kept us informed throughout the recovery.

By 11:45 AM(MST) Aaron closed the ticket and reported that Aaron was on his way back home.

Awesome job Aaron, thanks so much, and also for performing the first recovery of the year.

Photo submitted by Cole
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