Hunter in Montana

Hunter in Montana

Friday, November 25th, at 8:53 p.m. (PST) we received a recovery request from Montana, where Anthony Joseph Brahmstadt while hunting got stuck in deep snow.

His request information read:4×4 2002 f250 7.3L with 1 pair of chains. We went up hunting thursday(thanksgiving) roads had deepish ruts but easily possible in 4H with no chains. We were attempting to leave Friday afternoon, no new snow accumulation, however snow drifts had formed with thick and sticky snow. My truck is currently bottomed out/ high centered, the snow is almost to my bumper. We can dig it out and back it up(the road section behind us isn’t too bad) the next 100yards is straight and very impassible without a tractor or track vehicle. We found a ride back into town, but will be back at the truck by 11 a.m.,.
Without a proper rig to help get us out here is my idea..I would appreciate any input…
~dig out truck
~reverse to hard pack snow
~Leapfrog 4,, 4×8 sheets of osb plywood (in an attempt to help me stay on top of the snow pack)
/ I’m not with the vehicle

We verified his contact information and location within the first 10 minutes. He already left the vehicle and informed us he will be attempting to go back the following day around 11 a.m. (MST).

We don’t have a lot of volunteers in that area, we invited anybody in a 75 miles range. About 14 members were invited. We knew the recovery needed to be coordinated for the following day.

One of the volunteers in Montana, Brett, Passe, shared the request with Richard Hiltz from Montana Overland and 4×4 Adventures. The following day Richard made contact with Jon & Genevieve Pierce who were in Ennis. They both drove to meet with Anthony. A few hours later we learned from Richard that they both couldn’t drive all the way to the incident, but nevertheless they left their vehicles and hiked to help a few miles and made contact with Anthony who was already digging the vehicle out with a friend.

We don’t have all the details, but we heard from Anthony the day after, he sent us the video we shared, and he told us: “We are out! We used plywood to distribute weight so we wouldn’t sink down as much. Then had a hunter pull us through a ditch and we are now home free. I would like to thank everyone in this community!. After shoveling dense snow/ice for a few hours. We were able to use a piece of plywood to help disperse pressure so that we didn’t bottom out. We only needed to use it on the front wheels cause of the fact that majority of weight is in the front and so we reduce drag“.

We want to thank all volunteers who participated in any way to help with this recovery!.

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