Hunter needed help!

Hunter needed help!

This morning around 7:45 a.m., Edward sent a recovery request ticket using our web-app.
He in his 1985 K5 Blazer was on a BLM road going down without realizing how thick, slippery and, deep the mud was.

Edward’s truck in the mud

He ended up at the bottom of the road, unable to climb back up.
We contacted him at 7:50 am; we gather all the information we needed. He was back home safe.

I processed the ticket and submitted it to the first group of volunteers, but we got no answers. Most likely due to the fact this happened on a weekday and people are at work. We waited a little longer and sent the request to a second group. Out of around 15 people contacted, one guy took upon himself to make this recovery.

From inside Tommy’s Toyota truck.

Tommy W., in his Toyota truck, saved the day. Later, Edward told us, Tommy needed 15 minutes to set up the straps and 40 seconds to get him up the hill.
Awesome job, Tommy! And special thanks to Edward for the donation and contribution to help us pay for our servers!

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