Jeep stuck in deep mud

July 27th, 2023, at 3:48 p.m. (MDT), a request for help with an offroad recovery was received in our system from Colorado.

The requester, Evan Brandt, sent the following details: “Jeep stuck halfway between Colorado Springs and Victor Colorado off Gold Camp Road. Stuck in deep mud, couldn’t get it out with friends, and needed help! Been trying for four days with no success. I have other transportation, so the Jeep is left in the mid-over night. It’s been four days with no luck with my efforts. I have pictures, but I am at home. I was told about you all and reached out. I’m 18 / I’m with the vehicle”. He also sent us these photos:

After contacting Evan, we confirmed the GPS location and gathered a few more details. Then we submitted the ticket to local volunteers.

Jeremy Ferranti and Jeremy Nunnally teamed up to take care of this request. Jeremy Ferranti later sent us some photos and this note: “On 7/27/23 an off-road recovery request was placed in the off-road portal. Jeremy Ferranti and Jeremy Nunnally responded to the call. A 19:45hrs linkup was arranged by the Jeremy’s at the pin-drop provided to dispatch by the casualty.

At approximately 20:00hrs Jeremy’s observed a Jeep fully Mired in an off-trail wetland area at FR370F and Gold Camp Road. It appeared as though the driver had attempted to perform an off-trail water crossing and was unsuccessful. The Jeep was observed to be heavily Mired in deep mud.

At approximately 20:10 hrs the Jeremy’s completed a site walk and conducted a field problem survey. A recovery plan was set in action. Nunnally’s Jeep would provide single-line recovery. Jeremy’s RAM 2500 would provide an anchor point.  In the event the recovery vehicles were pulled to the casualty because of poor traction conditions 1 1/4″  kinetic ropes would be deployed. At the time, the vehicle owner had not yet arrived. 

At approximately 20:15  the casualty owner arrived with his father. Dicer if stuck Jeep was an 18-year old kid. The kid said he wanted to drive across the pond and take a picture on the island on the adjacent side. Unfortunately, he got stuck.  He said the vehicle had been stuck in the pond for 4-days.

It approximately 20:20 a winch attempt by the Jeremy’s was unsuccessful, the terrain was wet and quite slick the recovery vehicles were being pulled to the casualty. Jeremy transitioned to the secondary recovery plan, utilizing 1″ Kinetic ropes. Casualty was recovered by approximately 20:30 and escorted back on to the trail.

Jeremy had a discussion with the young driver and educated him on the Leave No Trace Rules, Stay on  Marked Trail rules, and the importance of obstacle planning, safety, and not wheeling alone.

At approximately 20:45, all vehicles departed FSR370F and traveled by convoy to the base of Gold Camp Road and dispersed.”

Awesome teamwork, guys, we appreciate your help on this recovery very much.

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