Motorcycle stuck on a trail

Motorcycle stuck on a trail

Thursday, September 7th, 2023, at 11:14 a.m. (PDT), we received an unusual request for help recovering a motorcycle stuck on a trail. The requester Joe Alivero, submitted the following information: “Motorcycle stuck on the side of the Gold Creek 830 trail. Trail had fallen away with fallen trees is two locations. Made it through the first one with ratchet straps and remaking the trail. The second one I could not make it past. On X shows a ( 10T 493444m E 5308957m N ) for location on the trail. I had to leave the bike and hike out . I believe I will need a come along , a small snatch block or two , shovel and probably 2-3 guys . More the merrier. The trail according to on-x was clear and doable. However downed trees made the tail fall away. I’m on vacation from Maui. Staying in Sequim at a motel till I get it out. I don’t have a ton of cash but will be happy to spread what I do have on me around a G for the help. / I’m not with the vehicle

We chatted with Joe and prepared the ticket to local volunteers. We also shared the request with our friends from WORN. Benjamin from this group shared the request on their discussion group and from this group two local volunteers Carl Jantz and Jeff Second took care of the request the following day.

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Photo shared by Carl

Carl shared the following info: “Successfully recovered. Jeff Secord is a beast, kicked some dirt in the hole left by the tree and root ball tipping over. Then Joe and I worked it down around switchbacks, to catch up with Jeff who had gone back ahead of us and chainsawed a bunch of big logs out off switchback #5. Note a 950 is awful heavy and does not turn sharp. For the next 7 switch backs Jeff took over yanking the back tire around as Joe walked it holding onto the handle bars with a death grip. Always amazing how a 6 mile trip turns into 2 days.

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