Muddy recovery near Scappoose

Saturday 5:44 p.m., we received a request for a recovery from Caleb Pudewell, who was exploring near Scappoose with his AWD Ford Explorer when he lost traction at the bottom of a ravine next the power lines.

After contacting Caleb and gathering all details, we submitted the ticket to the volunteers, by 6:47 p.m., David G. told us he was available to help in the morning, later that evening, Matthew H. also confirm he was available in the morning. So I chatted with Caleb and we all agree to meet at 8 a.m., on Sunday.

Matthew wanted some backup so I also joined them in the morning with Myrian who helped too.

Here is a short video of the recovery. By 10:30 Caleb was back on the road and the recovery was done without any incidents, except as expected a lot of fun in the process.