All four tires in the sand to the axel

Thursday, February 08, 2024, at 5:18 p.m. (CT), we received a request for help with an offroad recovery in Texas. The requester, Brendan Zyla, submitted the following information: “All four tires are sitting in wet/soft sand to the axle. The water table is high here, so emptying water from holes hasn’t helped. The ground is full of roots, making it impossible to dig. Front factory pull points accessible. One of the gripper planks is now stuck under the front axle. Winch crapped out. 1500 Dodge Ram w 4 wheel camper on back. Total weight – approx 7k lbs / I’m with the vehicle.

David Mrak, one of our general administrators in the US, took over the administration of the request, reaching out to Brendan to confirm the location, contact information, and situation.

By 5:50 p.m., David submitted the request to volunteers. Within 3 minutes we got Michael Paderson, a local volunteer taking over the request. Michael was already taking care of another recovery, but he jumped right into this second request immediately after finishing the first one

Michael contacted the requester to coordinate, and by 8:06 p.m., he closed the request and sent a quick note: “Got him out successfully. No harm done. It’s late I got a long drive home. Thanks for the opportunity to be of service! I really enjoyed it!”.

We want to thank Michael for such a great job. An amazing example of voluntarism.

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